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The Hunt of the Unicorn

By: C.C. Humphreys

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Her family legend is familiar to Alice-Elayne; she’s heard it since she was small. Generations before, her great-great-something expert-weaver ancestor tumbled from France to Goloth, Land of Fabulous Beasts, through a tapestry. Years later, the girl whom Alice Elayne is named after, tumbles back. What happens between is a fantastic story of magical tapestries, healing unicorns, vicious monsters and men seeking power. It’s an interesting fairy tale, and Elayne indulges its telling again the night before her father goes for tests at the hospital. While she’s heard the story before, Elayne has never seen the piece of unicorn horn (Yeah, right!) that her father gives her that night as a gift. But when Elayne visits New York City’s Cloister museum with the object around her neck and sees a unicorn tapestry with her initials in a corner it makes her more than wonder. She falls through the weave, entering the fantastic, but dangerous, world of Goloth. Now Elayne must live through, and try to escape the world, that, before, was only a bedtime story.


Prepared by Julie Fales, Library-Media Specialist, Shawnee Mission School District, Overland Park, Kansas