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The Fortune of Carmen Navarro

By: Jen Bryant


Ryan comes from generations of military men and his father applies tremendous pressure on Ryan to be the “perfect” cadet.  Ryan does his best to meet his father’s expectations, but when Ryan meets a beautiful young girl, Carmen, his life is turned inside out and he becomes obsessed with Carmen.  Ryan’s grades drop, he begins drinking, he leaves the academy without permission, and he turns his back on all of his father’s demands.  At the same time, Carmen is intrigued by Ryan, but she does not share his feelings.  She invites him to hear her sing and she even writes a song for him, but her obsession is her music.  When Carmen is offered a chance at her dream to record her music, she takes it and breaks up with Ryan.  Ryan snaps and makes a decision that causes his parents to disown him, but gives him hope for a better life.

Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD