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The Fiend and the Forge

By: Henry H. Neff
illustrated by: Henry H. Neff


Now that Astaroth has possession of the Book of Thoth, the entire world has changed.  People of all kinds find themselves as slaves to the four demons who have divided up the lands and rule harshly.  Rowan is the only place left to rebuild, and even so, it is under Astaroth’s watchful eye.  It doesn’t take long for Max to realize he must leave the safety of Rowan if he ever wants to defeat Astaroth.  His journey takes him across the world and drops him into situations that are on opposite ends of the spectrum—some are rewarding and pleasant while others are painful and life-threatening.  When he finally meets up with his friends again, Max and David decide to attempt to carry out a plan so cunning and dangerous that they both realize no matter what the outcome is, their lives will never be the same again.

Prepared by Brenda Day, Library Media Specialist,AledoMiddle School,Aledo,Texas