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The Enchantress

By: Michael Scott


Josh and Sophie, traveling through a powerful leygate 10,000 years into the past with the immortals John Dee and Virginia Dare, are immediately faced with the startling revelation that their parents are the ancient Egyptian deities, Isis and Osiris … or are they? Their physical resemblance seems right, but both twins are disturbed by their arrogance, their cruel treatment of humans, and their mysterious plans for the future. Meanwhile, in the present, the immortals and Elders gathered in San Francisco around the twins’ Aunt Agnes, now revealed to be the powerful Tsagaglalal, “She Who Watches,” are joining forces for the final battle. While Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel magically walk to Alcatraz Island to join forces with their former enemies, the Elder Prometheus and the Japanese swordsman Niten take a stand on the Golden Gate Bridge to hold back a group of warriors sown from dragon’s teeth. On all fronts, a battle rages to save the human race from destruction – then and now. How will Josh and Sophie fulfill the mysterious prophecy of the twins of legend – the two that are one and the one who is all: one to destroy the world and one to save it?

Prepared by Connie Rockman, Children's Literature Consultant, adjunct professor of children's and young adult literature, and Editor of the H. W. Wilson Junior Book of Authors and Illustrators series.