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The Dark Between Book Talk

By: Sonia Gensler


Kate Poole knows ghosts don’t exist. She’s played a spirit each night in Mrs. Martineau’s charade of a séance since she was 12. Now 14, the white make-up is wreaking havoc with her skin and folding into her hiding spot is next to impossible. When members of the turn-of-the-century Cambridge Metaphysical Society debunk Martineau’s claims of speaking with the dead, Kate is torn between elation and despair. Options are limited for an orphan in Victorian England. Her only hope to a new life is in the inscription on her dead father’s watch from a Mr. Thompson. A chance meeting with Asher, a boy also running from the past, finds her work in Summerfield College, Mr. Thompson’s home. She also meets Elsie, Thompson’s niece and a girl who just might be able to prove that ghosts do exist. When dead bodies begin appearing outside Summerfield’s gates, Kate, Asher and Elsie discover the only way to reconcile their pasts is by finding the truth between the science and spiritualism surrounding them.

Prepared by Julie Fales, Shawnee Mission South High School Journalism Adviser, Overland Park, KS