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The Black Stallion and the Lost City

By: Steve Farley



The Black Stallion returns, this time as a stunt double in a movie.  The stallion and his caretaker, Alec, are filling in as doubles for Alexander the Great and his warhorse Bucephalus, but an afternoon ride between movie scenes takes them on a hair-raising journey to a forgotten city.  The people in the strange world think Alec and the Black are the real Alexander the Great and his horse, and they insist that destiny brought them to the acropolis.  Who are these people who are dressed like ancient Greeks and why do they all seem to be about the same age?  By the time he figures out what is going on, Alec realizes that he and the Black are trapped.  They are desperate to find a way out!  Will Alec escape a bloody demise? Will the Black Stallion live to ride again? This is a mystical adventure for Greek mythology and horse fans alike.


Prepared by Jill Webb,  Children's Librarian, FarmingtonCommunity Library, Farmington, Michigan.