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The ABC’s of Kissing Boys

By: Tina Ferraro


Appalled :

An understatement for how junior Parker Stanhope feels when she is put on the JV soccer team  especially when all of her friends make varsity.

 Blindsided :

Unexpectedly getting dumped by those so-called friends because you didn?t make varsity. No more iming, texting, or even saying ?hi? in the halls at school.

 Conspire :

Parker's plot to rise again with $300, her brother's college friend, Luke, and the varsity soccer team's kissing booth. She'll move up to her rightful spot on varsity, and regain her friends.


Daily Kissing :

Since Parker?s never really kissed a boy before, she needs practice... Despite Luke?s advice to use cherry stems and starburst wrappers, Parker thinks a real teacher is in order. But when the most likely suspect turns out to be her freshman neighbor, Tristan, will Parker still want to learn the ABC?s of kissing boys?



Prepared by Julie Fales, Library-Media Specialist, Shawnee Mission South High School , Overland Park , Kansa