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Texas Gothic

By: Rosemary Clement-Moore



In the Goodnight family, magic is a way of life. Well, for all of them except Amy who hates any association with it.  All it has done is complicate her life, so when Aunt Hyacinth asks Amy and her sister Phin to stay at her ranch while she is away, Amy jumps at the chance for a “normal” experience.  When strange events begin occurring at the neighboring McCulloch ranch, Amy and Phin are caught in the middle of the mystery.  An archaeological dig turns up a skeleton, rumors of the ghost of the Mad Monk race through town—and between butting heads with the ornery goats and the even crankier but handsome neighbor, Amy finds her psychic gifts in great demand.  She tries to ignore the ghosts who clamor for her attention until she realizes the seriousness of the danger that surrounds her.


Prepared by Pat Strawn, Librarian, John Jay High School, San Antonio, Texas.