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Summer at Forsaken Lake



Have you ever dreaded going somewhere and then when you get there have a great time?  Nicholas feels like that when he and his sisters are told they will be spending their summer in Ohio with an uncle they don’t even know.  The mystery begins when Nicholas finds a secret compartment in the tower room where his father stayed years ago.  The unfinished movie and love letter he uncovers set Nicholas on an adventure that will change lives.  Nicholas has the best time ever while he uncovers a secret that has been hidden for twenty-five years.  He learns to sail, he builds a sailboat with a new friend, he completes a movie his father started when he was 15, and he lives through in a severe storm on the lake.  Nicholas will never be the same after his summer at Forsaken Lake.


Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD