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Steelheart Book Talk

By: Brandon Sanderson


David was just a young boy on that fateful day ten years ago when the world changed. When Epics, with their super-human powers, began to use those powers to rule. And one Epic named Steelheart rose up and took control of Chicago, turning it into a city of steel, and killing David’s father in the process. In the last decade, David has worked hard just to survive, and to stay safe as the Epics take control, often leaving nothing but death and destruction in their wake. He has been biding his time waiting for the heroes that his dad always said would come. Now David realizes it is time to do something, to join the Reckoners, a rogue group that studies the weaknesses of Epics in order to kill them. One by one, the Reckoners have assassinated Epics all over the country, and now they’re headed to Chicago. After spending ten years plotting revenge against Steelheart, David might finally get his chance. If only he can convince the Reckoners to let him join their ranks.


Prepared by Shauna Yusko, Teacher-Librarian, Evergreen Junior High, Redmond, Washington