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Son of Fortune Book Talk

By: Victoria McKernan


When Aiden kills a man, he is forced to flee the lumber camp and find passage on a ship to San Francisco.  He proves to the ship captain he works hard and saves the captain’s brother’s life when he is attacked by a shark.  Once he arrives in San Francisco, he is beaten and robbed on a walk through the Barbary Coast, but he is saved by a blind woman with a gun.  He later returns the favor and saves a rich man’s son from being robbed and left for dead.  This act of kindness opens doors for Aiden and he is taken in by the rich man and becomes best friends with the young man whose life he saved.  Both of their lives are changed forever when Aiden wins a ship in a card game.  But what the young men see as a way to earn their fortunes could be a ticket to poverty and death, but in the course of events, they discover true friendship.

Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD