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Someone Else’s Life



When Rosie’s mum, Trudie, passes away from a genetic disease, Rosie is torn about whether or not she should take the test to find out if she has the gene for developing Huntington’s Disease. Her odds are 50/50.  Would it be better to live her life knowing what was coming or just live the best she can not knowing what may or may not happen?  As she grapples with this life altering decision, her mother’s friend and nurse/midwife reveals that Trudie was not Rosie’s birth mother... so no testing is needed after all. That should be good news, right?  Sarah tells Rosie that she was swapped at birth with a baby believed to be sick and dying while Rosie’s real teenage mother ran away from the hospital shortly after the birth. Rosie’s whole life has been a lie. Reeling from this information, Rosie embarks on a cross continental search for her birth mother but discovers only more secrets and lies.  She has been living someone else’s life! She finds herself faced with agonizing decisions that will have a domino effect of consequences involving people she didn’t even know a short time ago.  The truth was freeing for her, but would someone else feel the same way?  Is telling the truth an obligation no matter how painful?  Or are some lies necessary if they protect the innocent?

Prepared by Jill Webb, Children's Librarian, Farmington Community Library, Farmington, Michigan