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Sky Jumpers Book Talk

By: Peggy Eddleman


Everyone in Hope’s village is good at inventing. They need to be good at it since the bombs destroyed everything 40 years earlier.  Unfortunately, Hope is not good at inventing; in fact she’s really bad at it.  She is good at riskier activities, though, that only seem to get her into trouble.  One thing she loves to do that she’s not supposed to do is cliff diving through poisonous air known as the Bomb’s Breath, but she and her friends do it anyway for the thrill.  Her parents would ground her for life if they knew what she was doing. Even though she hasn’t been caught, doing it has other negative side effects. Then unexpectedly, Hope gets her chance to prove herself, and her knowledge of the Bomb’s Breath may even help to save her village.

Prepared by Jill Webb, Children's Librarian, Farmington Community Library, Farmington, Michigan