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An uneasy peace penetrates the land of Goredd.  For forty years humans and dragons have lived together, with some of the dragons assuming their saarantrai (human-like) form, but with the murder and decapitation of Prince Rufus, that peace threatens to erupt into war.  As the secret child of a human and a dragon, Seraphina struggles to live between two worlds.  Orma, her only friend and teacher, saves her life and helps her to make sense of the visions that torment her at night.  As music assistant to the court composer, Seraphina comes in close contact with the royal family.  With the upcoming visit of the great dragon general, Ardmagar Comonot, Seraphina fears that his life may also be in danger.  What she finds will shake her to the core.  She must also deal with Prince Lucian Kiggs who as Captain of the Guard, takes an active role in trying to solve the mystery of the murder of Prince Rufus.

Prepared by Pat Strawn, Librarian, John Jay High School, San Antonio, Texas