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Secrets from the Sleeping Bag: A Blogtastic! Novel



Sofia Becker‘s parents  force ask her  to go to summer camp with her best friend, Nona.  She has plenty of reasons for not wanting to go:

  1.  No technology.  If she’s going to stay current on her blog, she NEEDS technology.
  2. She gets homesick—especially for her parrot, Sam.
  3. Bugs.  She does NOT like bugs.

Despite her reasons, she does go.  Camp is not anything like she expected.  To be specific:

  1.  There are cute boys.  Cute boys she accidentally embarrasses herself in front of.
  2. Olivia, the mean girl in her cabin, might not be so bad after all.
  3. When engaging in a prank war with other cabins, EVERYTHING is fair!

Read all about this 7th grade experiences at summer camp—a camp you’re not likely to forget anytime soon!

Prepared by Brenda Day, Library Media Specialist, Aledo Middle School, Aledo, TX