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Sass & Serendipity

By: Jennifer Ziegler


Daphne:  beautiful cheerleader-type who not only believes in love at true sight, but expects it.  Thinks her Mom is to blame for her parents’ divorce because she is just so grouchy.  Believes her older sister, Gabby, could get a boyfriend if she’d just lighten up and visit the MAC counter every now and then.


Gabby:  studious, older sister to Daphne.  Lives in the “real world” and thinks Daphne’s head is simply too full of air.  Believes her parents’ divorce is all her father’s fault for leaving them high and dry.  Believes if Gabby could ever get her head out of the clouds, she could get a job and start contributing to the family budget—like she does.


Opposites?  Totally.  But when the girls find themselves without a place to live, they must pull together whether they like it or not.  Somewhere along the way, the way they view the world is turned upside down!


Prepared by Brenda Day, Library Media Specialist, Aledo Middle School, Aledo, Texas.