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Sammy Keyes and the Night of Skulls

By: Wendelin Van Draanen



Zombies! Mummies! And Monsters!  Oh My!  All Sammy wants is to have a normal Halloween—trick-or-treating with her friends, visiting the local haunted house all the kids are raving about, and staying out of evil Heather Acosta’s way.  Unfortunately, none of those things happen.  A night of trick-or-treating with her friends leads them into the graveyard and, ultimately, has them chased by a man wielding a shovel.  Going to the haunted house isn’t even as much fun as it should be since she runs into Heather.  And if all that isn’t bad enough, the candy they bring home isn’t just candy after all—it’s a bag with skulls!  Can Sammy and her friends solve the mystery surrounding the skulls, or will they be the next victims?

Prepared by Brenda Day, Library Media Specialist, Aledo Middle School, Aledo, TX