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Red Heart Tattoo

By: Lurlene McDaniel


Morgan and her best friend Kelli share everything and are looking forward to their senior year.  Morgan Frierson, the beautiful Student Council President, has the perfect jock boyfriend in Trent, but she finds herself very aware of the lingering glances from Roth, the tattoed outsider.  He and his Goth friend Liza are social outcasts and do not fit in to the popular social group.  Roth, who watched his parents suffer a horrifying death, lives with his Uncle Max, the owner of the local tattoo parlor.  Life comes to a screeching halt when a bomb explodes in the gym and all they have known changes forever.  They are forced to deal with death, loss, and uncertain accusations.

Prepared by Pat Strawn, Librarian, John Jay High School, San Antonio, Texas