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Raven Flight

By: Juliet Marillier


King Keldec rules the land of Alban and brutally works to destroy all who possess magical powers.  He conducts seasonal sweeps of Alban’s villages to weed out those with powers.  Neryn lost her entire family during one of these Culls.  Even as a teen, she is a caller whose gift may hold the power to finally end King Keldec’s rule.  With her powers as a caller, Neryn enlists the aid of the Good Folk to help unite the country against Keldec.  Allied with Regan’s Rebels, Neryn must find and complete her training with the powerful Guardians, and time is critical.  Her companion on the journey is Tali, a fierce female trainer who would much prefer to stay and protect Regan.  Flint, the man Neryn loves, continues to serve in Keldec’s court as he works undercover to overthrow Keldec.  Neryn soon realizes that freedom for the rebels cannot be won without the greatest personal sacrifice as she visits each Guardian to learn the lessons they offer.

Prepared by Pat Strawn, Librarian, John Jay High School, San Antonio, Texas