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Quest for the Secret Keeper



Ian knew trying to follow the prophecy set forth 3,000 years ago wouldn’t be easy, but he certainly didn’t think it would be this hard, either.  With Germany set to take over Europe, Ian, Carl, Theo and the others, must not only try to defeat the evil crew of Demogorgon, but also the evil regime of Hitler—the Nazis.  As Germany invades, Ian and his friends lose some important people in their lives because of the war.  Even through their sorrow, the orphans must remain focused on their task or all of the world will be doomed.  With the help of past heroes who had a part in setting the prophecy in motion—Adria, General Adrastus, and Iyoclease—the young heroes are in a race against time to try and find the fifth Oracle to bring back through the portal as they are directed to in the scrolls.  Will they complete the task in time, or will the reappearance of Caphiera and Atroposa put an end to their mission once and for all—dooming the world in the process?

Prepared by Brenda Day, Library Media Specialist, Aledo Middle School, Aledo, TX