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Premeditated Book Talk

By: Josin L. McQuein


Dinah’s cousin Claire just tried to kill herself. When Dinah figures out that it was because of a boy and the terrible things that he did, Dinah decides to exact revenge on behalf of Claire. So, Dinah dresses like Claire, enrolls in her school, and sets out to meet, and destroy, the boy that broke Claire. First there is the web of friends surrounding Brooks that she must infiltrate: the snooty girlfriend, the smooth-talking best friend…all of them seem almost not-so-bad when you get to know them. And meeting Brooks turns out not to be a problem. Neither is getting Brooks to notice her. But the more that Dinah hangs around Brooks, the more she is falling for his charms. How could the Brooks that she has come to know be this cold and calculating boy that devastated her cousin? But he must be, and Dinah must find the strength to bring him down.

Prepared by Shauna Yusko, Teacher-Librarian, Evergreen Junior High, Redmond, Washington