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Out of Nowhere

By: Maria Padian


Tom Bouchard occupied his time with three things: soccer, school and girls. Not necessarily in that order. Senior year was going to be sweet for Tom and his best friend Donnie. But when both are caught during a misguided senior prank the perfect year begins to unravel. To avoid harsher punishment, Tom must complete community service hours. Luckily, he can use his academic and athletic skills to help at a local community center. Many of the kids there are part of Maine’s second migration of Somalia refugees. While Tom helps the young, Abdi, a Somalia from school, Saeed, helps Tom’s soccer team become a powerhouse. Despite what seems like a win-win situation, cultures clash when Tom’s girlfriend makes a rash decision using social media, and a rival soccer club questions the new immigrants’ eligibility to play. Tom’s sweet senior year seems to be going sour out of nowhere.

Prepared by Julie Fales, Shawnee Mission South High School Journalism Adviser, Overland Park, KS