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My Name Is Mina

By: David Almond



Mina is not like most other kids her age.  She goes where her imagination takes her, which is usually any place but where she is.  While she is excited to experience all that life has to offer, her erratic behavior is viewed by her teachers as an unwillingness to conform.  As she rambles in her journa,l we discover Mina’s past experiences, thought processes, wonderings, hopes, fears, dreams and desires, as well as her sometimes very inflexible opinions.  With her astute perceptions and detailed observations of the world around her, Mina’s journal is both therapeutic for her as well as a window into her soul for the reader as she processes her past and current challenges and difficulties.  She is all at once passionate and perceptive as well as extremely practical.  Mina is a true independent “free” spirit.

Prepared by Jill Webb, Children's Librarian, Farmington Community Library, Farmington, Michigan.