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My Chemical Mountain

By: Corina Vacco


Jason’s world has been destroyed by the Corporate America chemical plant in town. Toxic waste, giant trash dumps, chemicals of unknown origin spilling into the water…all of it poisoning the town and the people. Even his dad, a worker at the chemical plant, died recently under mysterious circumstances. But no one ever says anything because working at the plant is one of the only jobs left in town. Jason and his friends, having grown up “surfing” the toxic trash dump and swimming in the polluted river, are now determined to prove that the chemical company is dumping illegal chemicals all over town. Looking for proof, the boys break into a company warehouse one night, but accidentally leave behind evidence that they were there. Now the company, and it’s workers, are coming after Jason. Does he have what it takes to take a stand?

Prepared by Shauna Yusko, Teacher-Librarian, Evergreen Junior High, Redmond, Washington