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Mistress of the Storm

By: M. L. Welsh

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The Storm is coming and Verity has no idea that her life will change so drastically because of a ship and Captain Abednego.  Well, not just the ship; there’s also her grandmother-who-really-her-grandmother, but an evil witch.  Verity also discovers that her grandfather has made history and wealth beyond her imagination.  As Verity uncovers old mysteries and relationships she sets people in the harbor town of Wellow on alert.  Enemies resurface and new relationships form as the secrets of the Gentry unfold.  And Verity herself becomes more confident and less of a punching bag for the other girls who constantly bully and harass her.  Yes, indeed, Verity has friends in high places—she may be unaware of them, but they are watching her and the tables will turn soon enough.


Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD.