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Mason Dixon: Fourth-Grade Disasters

By: Claudia Mills
illustrated by: Guy Francis



Mason begins fourth grade with one objective: staying out of the Plainfield Platters.  He is not sure how to achieve his goal, but he intuitively knows that being in the choir will lead to disaster.  And so begins Mason’s creative excuses and seemingly helpful suggestions to the choir teacher.  Mason’s mother also unknowing contributes to Mason’s plan when she offers to repair the torn Puff the Plainfield Dragon costume, the choir mascot. Mason’s dog, Dog, finds the costume and eats the head. In the midst of the stress of avoiding the Plainfield Platters, Mason’s teacher assigns a three page story about an inanimate object.  Fourth grade is already a disaster and the first six weeks aren’t even over.

Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD.