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Loud Awake and Lost Book Talk

By: Adele Griffin


Six weeks before her car plunged into the icy waters under the Bowditch Bridge, 17-year-old Ember Leferrier started taking charge of her future. Eight months after the accident, Ember can’t remember any of her plans. With the exception of a small scar on her forehead, neatly hidden under her new bangs, Ember’s recovered physically. But with all her memories of life before the accident lost, her emotional state is still fragile. Despite the support of loving parents, and close friends, Holden and Rachel, Ember struggles with the feeling that someone she loved is missing. Recreating her pre-accident self becomes an obsession. A chance encounter with an artist, Kai, might hold the secret to her past, but first Ember will have to find him again.

Prepared by Julie Fales, Shawnee Mission South High School Journalism Adviser, Overland Park, KS