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When Derek receives a birthday party invitation from his old friend, he decides he just has to go.  The only problem?  Coming up with enough money to buy a train ticket, knowing his dad really needs to buy a new lawn mower since theirs just quit working.  When the kids put their minds together, they figure out a way to solve both their dad’s and Derek’s problems almost by accident.  A quick trip to the shed to look for something else to mow the grass with turns up an old push mower.  It doesn’t take long before the kids figure out the mower is magic and will mow anything green in its way.  Determined to help their father out, the kids get the lawn mower and begin mowing the acres and acres of fields before their parents return from the store.  It’s not until the lawn mower starts heading towards the vegetable garden and their neighbor’s alfalfa field that the kids realize they have no way to stop the mower.  Who can figure out how to stop the run-away mower?  Leave it to Celia and Mr. Bunny to make the ultimate sacrifice.  They might be the smallest in the group, but they are definitely the bravest!

Prepared by Brenda Day, Library Media Specialist, Aledo Middle School, Aledo, TX