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Lara’s Gift Book Talk

By: Anniemarie O'Brien


Lara’s dream is to inherit her family’s tradition of breeding borzoi dogs worthy of the Tsar.  She understands the dogs and feels a special connection to them.  However, when her mother gives birth to a son, Lara’s dream will be taken away from her because her father will want to pass the honor on to his son as tradition dictates.  Heartbroken, Lara takes her favorite dog, Zar, out into the woods; they are chased by a hungry pack of wolves who threaten the estate.  Zar, does his best to protect Lara, but he is hurt.  How will Lara prove to her father that she should be the next kennel steward and fulfill her destiny?

Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD