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Jane Jones: Worst. Vampire. Ever.

By: Caissie St. Onge

Book Talk

Sexy, blood sucking, sparkling vampires are in. Awkward, blood allergic, average vampires – like teen – Jane Jones are not. After more than 90 years dealing with high school mean girls – vampire and human – it’s starting to make the Dust Bowl look good.  Jane is ready for a change, and it seems to be right around the corner when two guys--super-smart, human Eli and super-rich, suave vampire Timothy – start paying attention to her. Before Jane decides which boy might be a friend for life (which is a really long time for her) she discovers a family secret, battles a vampire teacher, rescues her brother and wards off a mad scientist.  Not bad for possibly the worst vampire ever.


Prepared by Julie Fales, Library-Media Specialist, Shawnee Mission School District, Overland Park, Kansas