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Ice Island

By: Sherry Shahan


Tatum moves around Alaska with her parents as they work different jobs while saving money to build their own lodge.  Tatum’s dream is to race her own dogsled in the Iditarod with her father.  Although she has learned a lot by helping another racer take care of her dogs and listening to stories from veteran racers, it isn’t possible for her to have her own dogs yet. Life is too uncertain with her father away much of the year working on the pipeline and Tatum and her mom living in different places. Because of the harsh surroundings, Tatum’s mother is strict with her freedoms; a simple mistake can mean death. Unexpectedly, she finds herself the owner of Bandit, who is a retired sled dog. When an opportunity to go on a training run with a new friend presents itself, she can’t resist despite her mother’s warnings. When nothing goes as planned, Tatum finds out first-hand how unforgiving the Alaskan environment can be.  Will she have the courage and skill to save herself and her dogs?  Tatum and Bandit face the ultimate test of survival in this Alaskan tale.

Prepared by Jill Webb, Children's Librarian, Farmington Community Library, Farmington, Michigan