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Here Lies Linc

By: Delia Ray



Trying to escape his mother’s field of expertise in burial customs and his sheltered life in private school, Linc enrolls in public school so he can be a “normal” kid.  However, his first research project lands him in the local cemetery studying graves, with his mother as a special speaker for his class on the topic of burial customs.  Go figure... but what Linc discovers about the Black Angel monument and the local legend surrounding her doesn’t compare to what he uncovers about the secret hidden in his own past.  Linc must also deal with Mellecker and Beez, the football jocks who pressure him into stealing the key to the famous Ransom vault, and Delaney, the pretty girl in his class, who he likes a lot.  Linc does his best to do right by everyone involved, but the bottom soon falls out of his plan.

Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD.