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By: Mick Cochrane


Fifteen-year-old Fitzgerald (Fitz) has a hole in his life. He lives with, loves and respects his single mom, but he can’t let go of wondering who his dad is or why he’s not part of Fitz’s life. His mom refuses to fill in the blanks.  The not-knowing is eating him from the inside out. Fitz generally doesn’t like to make waves. He flies under the radar, doing what he has to do but also doesn’t exactly excel at anything in particular either.  When he finally has the opportunity to learn who his father is, he takes extreme measures to be sure his dad gets to know him.  All the anger that has been building for fifteen years comes out in one violent, uncomfortable, stressful, revealing, yet surprisingly rewarding day.

Prepared by Jill Webb, Children's Librarian, Farmington Community Library, Farmington, Michigan