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Fibble: The Fourth Circle of Heck

By: Dale E. Basye
illustrated by: Bob Dob

Book Talk

Poor, poor Marlo.  Isn’t it bad enough that she’s ended up in Fibble, the part of Heck reserved for liars?  Apparently not, because not only does she find himself living in a demented, disparaging circus-like world that is all about illusions, she has to live there trapped in her gangly, dorky brother Milton’s body.  If she thought she had it bad, though, you ought to see where Milton is.  He’s working underground for the devil’s new television network, T.H.E.E.N.D. all the while wearing pinching underclothes and high heels, since he’s , of course, now inhabiting Marlo’s body.  When Milton figures out these broadcasts are being sent to the surface and millions of people are being swayed by them, it’s up to him to use his feminine prowess (or Marlo’s, that is) to put a stop to it.  Unfortunately, the disgusting Principal of Darkness, Bea “Elsa” Bubb, is sitting back and waiting—waiting to catch them in the act and send them down even further into Heck—where all the bad kids go.


Prepared by Brenda Day, Library Media Specialist, Aledo Middle School, Aledo, Texas