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Far Far Away

By: Tom McNeal


Jeremy Johnson Johnson’s life has always been tough, but he became an outcast in his small town when he started hearing strange voices in his head.  No one knows that Jeremy has a ghost-buddy, Jacob Grimm, one of the Grimm brothers known for their retelling of fairy tales.  Since Jeremy’s mother died and his father became a recluse, Jacob Grimm has become a comfort to Jeremy, guiding him through difficult times and helping him with his studies.  Jacob even helps Jeremy on a game show where he could win enough money to save his family home and business.  But Jeremy doesn’t always listen to Jacob and then he finds himself in trouble; like the time he and his friend Ginger pranked the town baker.  That one prank led to kidnapping, starvation, and a dark, dreary basement prison.  Hopefully Jacob will discover a way to help the children out of the basement dungeon in time…

Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD