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Eight Keys

By: Suzanne LaFleur



Starting middle school can be tough even if everything goes your way, but for Elise, nothing is right from the first day.  She is bullied by her locker partner, embarrassed by her best friend, and tortured by homework she can’t complete.  Her Uncle Hugh and Aunt Bessie do what they can to help, but when she finds a key with her name on it that unlocks one of eight locked doors in the barn, her mind begins to grow.  In the locked room, she discovers a room filled with pictures of her mother who died on the day Elise was born, and a message from her father.  She discovers that each room is for her and contains a message from her father who died when she was three years old.  But how will she find the other seven keys and will the mystery she needs to solve change her life?

Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD.