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By: Gary Paulsen


Kevin is at it again; always trying to figure out how to get what he wants in the easiest way possible. What he wants now is Tina--the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen with a laugh that sounds like angels.  Kevin knows she will be the ideal girlfriend and that they will make a great couple.  The thing is, he can’t even talk to her without making a fool of himself.  So Kevin sets out to conduct scientific research about love.  First, he observes his parents, his divorced aunt, and his sister and her boyfriend.  Then he sets up his brother’s hockey team with the girls on the ice skating team.  Next he tries to get a friend of his a date with someone perfect.  Finally out of desperation, he talks to his parents about his research and the fact that he still hasn’t learned what love is all about. He tells them he is no closer to getting a date with Tina than he was before his research.  His dad gives him the answer he has been looking for and armed with his father’s wisdom, he talks to Tina and receives surprising results.

Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD