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By: Barbara Wright


Perhaps you have heard your grandparents talk fondly about “the good old days,” but not everything that happened “in the good old days” was a good thing, especially for African Americans.  In 1898, Moses starts sixth grade with hope that his future will be bright.  He and his best friend Lewis play and swim much like you do today, and  Moses even makes friends with a white boy and together they share some secret adventures.   Moses’ father is a writer for the black newspaper and an elected town alderman; well respected by both the white and black communities.  So when it is time for the election of state offices, no one could be more surprised when white supremacists start talking trash about the Negro being able to vote.  As the fear tactics worsen, the black community members stay locked in their homes and do not vote.  But the group of white supremacists won’t stop there.  Life in Wilmington, North Carolina is about to get ugly and Moses and his father will pay the price of racism.

Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD.