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City of Lies

By: Lian Tanner



Join Toadspit and Goldie as they travel to the city of Spoke to rescue Toadspit’s younger sister who has been captured by child-stealers.  On the way to Spoke, Toadspit is captured by the same men, and Goldie is left alone to save herself and her friends.  To make matters worse, Spoke’s yearly Festival of Lies is underway, and nothing anybody says can be trusted.  Goldie soon discovers the man and woman behind the child-stealers are her old enemies from Jewel and the danger of her and Toadspit’s death is imminent.  Meanwhile in Jewel, the treacherous Fugleman is worming his way back into good graces of the Protector and her guards.   Will Goldie’s skill and knowledge be enough to save herself and her friends from death?


Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD.