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Cheesie Mack is Running Like Crazy

By: Steve Cotler
illustrated by: Douglas Holgate

Book Talk

These are the top 10 reasons Cheesie is running:


  1.  He is running from the “F” Mrs. Wikowitz just gave him for not completing her assignment exactly like she said. (He forgot the year in the upper left-hand corner,)
  2. Goon, AKA June, who tricked him into sitting in a big puddle of water at lunch, making it look like he had um, a, accident.
  3. He is also running for 6th grade class president.  The bonus-- it’s driving Goon crazy!
  4. He ultimately runs right out of the election, nominating The Great Giorgio, AKA his best friend Georgie Sinkoff, instead.
  5. Cheesie and several friends are running down the hall on stilts.  Yes, stilts.  It’s all part of the secret campaign to get Georgie elected to office. Shhhhh.
  6. Cheesie and Georgie are running toward each other on the stilts in an impromptu jousting contest.  Impromptu jousting contests can only end in misery.  That’s certainly what happened here.
  7. He is running cross-country, simply because Coach T wouldn’t take no for an answer.
  8. Running out on stage to help Georgie with his stage fright during the election speeches.
  9. Running to the post office to actually do something nice for Goon.  I know.  I didn’t believe it either until I read it.
  10. There’s really only nine because I couldn’t think of any more, and I just wanted to see if you’d read the entire list!  Ha!


Prepared by Brenda Day, Library Media Specialist, Aledo Middle School, Aledo, TX