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Cheesie Mack Is Cool in a Duel

By: Steve Cotler
illustrated by: Adam McCauley


Cheesie Mack is back and some things certainly haven’t changed. The point battle between him and Goon is still going on, with Goon barely in the lead. He is still best friends with Georgie and they are currently on a bus headed for summer camp. And, of course, his ears still stick out. Once they arrive at camp, his “joke” he played on Goon’s boyfriend, Kevin, backfires making him object of Kevin’s pranks. Wanting to end the battle once and for all, a Cool Duel is issued. Who is the coolest—Kevin or Cheesie? Each night their cabin members will take a vote for who did the coolest activity that day. Can Cheesie beat an older, bigger boy who is friends with almost everyone in the cabin already? Or will he lose and be forced to call Kevin “The Coolest “in front of everyone and bow down to him five times, again with everyone watching? Cheesie will need the help of his best friend, Georgie, if he hopes to win this one!


Prepared by Brenda Day, Library Media Specialist, Aledo Middle School, Aledo, Texas