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Bucking the Sarge

By: Christopher Paul Curtis


Ever feel like your parents give you too much responsibility? Try being 15-year-old Luther T. Farrell. His own mother, who Luther refers to as Sarge, manipulates the system, manages slum housing and group homes, and makes a nice living considering all the kickbacks she gets. In order to save even more money, she hires Luther to be in charge of one of the group homes, depositing money in his college fund each week:Luther figures he's up to about 90 grand so far. He's responsible for not only caring for the group of grown men at the home; like bathing them, feeding them, and making sure they take their medicine but he also has to take them to and from work and to any doctor appointments they might have.  When Chester X moves into the home, he tries to show Luther just how much the Sarge is taking advantage of him. It's not until Luther accidentally stumbles upon his bank account book that he finally sees the truth. Luther might be down, but he's far from beaten. With a little help from his best friend, Sparky, and Chester X, he comes up with a plan to help him get even with the Sarge once and for all.


Prepared by Brenda Day, Library Media Specialist, Crowley Middle School, Crowley, Texas