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Beholding Bee

By: Kimberly Newton Fusco


Orphan. Outcast. Freak. Bee is all of those things. She is taunted by almost everyone because of the birthmark on her face. There are no options for a home or family. She has lived her entire life in the back of a trailer as part of a traveling carnival, cared for by Pauline, a hot dog vendor. But Bee dreams of a real life in a real home, and when she’s forced to give up her new-found puppy, she decides to run away. When Bee and the puppy stop running, they discover a cozy house, where two mysterious old women live. The “aunts” take her in, feed her, and make sure she’s enrolled in school. For the first time, Bee is living a normal life and trying to make friends. But not everything is perfect: she is bullied at school because of her “deformity.” She misses Pauline. And for some reason, no one else can see these aunts that are taking such good care of Bee.

Prepared by Shauna Yusko, Teacher-Librarian, Evergreen Junior High, Redmond, Washington