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Alice-Miranda on Vacation



After her first term at Winchesterfield-Downsdordvale Academy for Proper Young Ladies, Alice-Miranda takes her friend Jacinta home for the holiday break.  The girls have great plans and Alice-Miranda can’t wait for Jacinta to meet all of her friends and family. However, nothing is going right and Alice-Miranda senses a lot of strange, secretive activities going on.   Jacinta comes down with the flu and has to stay in bed for days, the girls see a strange man in a big black car lurking around the Hall, and the horrible, mean nephew of one of the servants has come to live with her.   On the eve of her Aunt Charlotte’s birthday party, the queen is mistaken for the cook and is kidnapped, someone attempts to steal the cook’s secret formula for freeze dried foods, and the horrible, mean kid discovers a remarkable secret. Only Alice-Miranda, intelligent beyond her years, will be able to unravel the mysteries.

Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD