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A la Carte

By: Tanita S. Davis



Recipe for a disastrous junior year:

1 Julia Childs–obsessed vegetarian who has no life and is in love with her best friend

1 popular rebel who obviously has no interest in his aforementioned best friend

1 geek-turned-chic brainiac who has fallen for our heroine, much to her dismay

5 pounds that must be lost by summer vacation

10 pounds of yummy fattening comfort food waiting to fix all of life’s little problems

Combine the vegetarian and comfort food. Add five pounds. Separate the rebel and brainiac. Combine slowly, one at a time, into the mix. Sprinkle motherly advice generously. Add a pinch of guilt for extra zip, and let rise in the refrigerator for a week. When mixture has swollen until it is under pressure and is ready to pop, bake under intense heat for one hour. Warning: recipe in progress!