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8 Plus 1

By: Robert Cormier

A collection of nine short stories that deal with adolescent emotions, set mainly in contemporary times and places.


1. “The Moustache” begins and ends with Mike’s feelings about driving 75 miles per hour on the turnpike. How does this relate to the experience he had with his grandmother at the nursing home?

2. In “Mine on Thursdays,” do you interpret the last sentence to mean that the narrator is or is not going to see Holly again? Why?

3. For “Another of Mike’s Girls,” discuss the two titles–the one Cormier’s editors chose, “Another of Mike’s Girls,” and the one the author himself favored, “Except When You’re Shaving, Don’t Look into Mirrors.” Which do you prefer and why?

4. In “President Cleveland, Where Are You?,” what has replaced collecting chewing-gum cards in the lives of preteens today? How are these all-consuming passions a part of the maturation process?

5. Discuss the irony of Jefferson Johnson Stone’s name in “My First Negro.”

6. In the introduction to “A Bad Time for Fathers,” Cormier discusses his opinions of titles and how magazine and book publishers have decided to change some of his titles over the years. He asks, “What’s a good title, anyway?” What do you think?