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Odessa Again

By: Dana Reinhardt


Odessa Green-Light’s life isn’t going exactly how she wants.  Her parents are divorced, and they just moved to a new house.  Even though her mom lets her move into the attic, Odessa wishes there was a way she could get her parents back together.  In a moment of anger, Odessa stomps the attic floor and finds herself twenty-four hours back in time.  Excited by the possibilities, Odessa realizes she needs these do-overs for really important things, like when her brother found the hundred dollar bill out on a walk instead of her, or when she accidentally farts in front of her crush during Math.  Odessa soon realizes, though, that her do-overs are limited, and she hasn’t come up with a plan to reunite her parents yet.  Worse than that, her dad has just told her he is going to marry his new girlfriend.  Will Odessa be able to bring her parents back together before her chances run out, or will she now have a new step-mom in her life?

Prepared by Brenda Day, Library Media Specialist, Aledo Middle School, Aledo, TX