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3 Willows

By: Ann Brashares



Entering high school marks a new chapter in a young person's life, which is marked by many changes. Not only do you change schools but your body changes, your attitudes and desires can change, and so too can your friendships change. 3 Willows explores the summer before three childhood friends start high school. Polly, Jo, and Ama have been friends for as long as they can remember. In third grade they planted three willow trees and have watched them grow over the years. But just like the willow tree their friendship can either grow and branch out or shrivel and die. The three girls are in separate summer locations but they find that they still need each other. Polly is coming to grips with her weight and not-so-perfect body, Jo finds her first true love, and Ama discovers a love of the great outdoors. Only time will tell if their friendship will continue to blossom.


Prepared by Kifi Kanagy, Library Media Specialist, Greeley, Colorado