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The Book of Blood and Shadow

By: Robin Wasserman


After the death of her brother, Nora manages to survive life at Chapman Prep with the help of her best friend, Chris and his girlfriend.  When Chris goes to college a short distance away, Nora stays in close contact by helping him and his roommate, Max, translate the centuries-old Latin letters of Kelley for one of his professors.  As a high school student, Nora’s task is to translate the less important letters of Elizabeth Weston where she soon finds clues to the location and meaning of the Lumen Dei, a machine with the power of life itself.  When a sudden death occurs, Max is accused of murder.  Nora and her friends become suspects and flee to Prague to try to solve the mystery of the Lumen Dei.  They find themselves in danger from those Seekers who want the power.  Not sure if she can trust Eli, Chris’ cousin who has followed them, or Max, Nora finds herself the object of those Seekers who would use her and those who would stop them.

Prepared by Pat Strawn, Librarian, John Jay High School, San Antonio, Texa