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By: Lissa Price


Callie is desperate for food, shelter, and safety--for herself, but especially for her little brother Tyler. He’s too young to cope with this brutal world in which all the people from ages 20 to 60 have been destroyed in a deadly germ warfare. Without grandparents to claim them, Callie and Tyler, along with their neighbor Michael, are forced to live hand to mouth, moving from one abandoned building to another, dodging renegade kids and the marshals, who would put them in institutions. There is only one chance for Callie to earn enough money to buy them a house--if she can sign up with Prime Destinations and rent her Starter body to one of the Enders, the old people who want another chance at feeling young. Leaving Tyler in the care of her friend Michael, Callie embarks on a strange journey that will change her forever: a journey of danger, intrigue, love, deceit, and despair... and the chance to save many more lives than her own.

Prepared by Connie Rockman, Children's Literature Consultant, adjunct professor of children's and young adult literature, and Editor of the H. W. Wilson Junior Book of Authors and Illustrators series.